We’ve forged some strong partnerships!

Any business venture’s ability to grow depends on its partnership. The idea of a strategic partnership has been used by traders and merchants to run their businesses since the dawn of time, and it is still widely used today. A partnership can take many different forms, from business owners working together to invest in a project to sharing technical information and concepts amongst businesses. Finding the ideal partnership agreement that serves both sides is crucial for any company endeavour.

Nucleus has strategic partners to help businesses grow and prosper in Canada. One partnership we are extremely pleased to have developed is with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and also with our local chamber the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce. They recognized early that Nucleus can save Canadian businesses millions of dollars with their free version of their AI Enhanced Unified Communications platform and also give the ability for businesses to communicate in different languages in real-time.

“Nucleus is poised to change the way businesses in Canada communicate. It truly is a game changer!”

-Hon. Perrin Beatty, PC, OC
President & Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Happy Nucleus User